27 Jan

Cove was having a birthday and Henry the Bunyip decided to give her a surprise by taking her out for a trip in his boat.

Henry’s boat had a glass bottom floor so you could look at the bottom of the sea and see all the little fishes and sea-life go by underneath.This wasn’t a fishing trip but a sightseeing outing, Henry steered the boat to the shallow water and they peered down. Cove was amazed, she could see so many sea-life critters, “Look over there” she called out “There’s Bluey the blue ringed octopus, he is a pretty shade of blue, but we better not make him mad or he will glow”. Next, she saw Stubs, he was a star fish and he looked like he was just hanging around enjoying his morning.“Look Henry, there’s Petunia the purple sea urchin”. “And over there in the deep water is your friend Vivienne the shark, she’s wearing her pink pearl necklace”. 

Henry and Cove waved at Vivienne, she saw them and gave a laugh, splashing the water as she swam away.Henry steered his boat onto the sand, Shifty the swift footed crab quickly scuttled out of the way. Henry and Cove took their buckets and spades and made the biggest sandcastle that they could, Cove decorated the castle with some seaweed she found “this looks like beads” she excitedly called to Henry, he replied “yes, it’s called Neptune’s necklace”.Next, she found Peri the blue periwinkle and borrowed some little periwinkles, the castle looked grand. Henry opened his bag and handed Cove a cup of tea poured from his thermos and a sticky bun making sure to not get any sand on it, they sat back admiring their magnificent castle. Suddenly a big wave came tumbling towards them and their castle disappeared before their eyes, Cove gasped, and Henry said “We better go as the tide is turning”. Before long Cove and Henry were back on dry land, they had had a great day and were looking forward to going to their beds that night as they were tired from such a fun outing.For Cove from Aunty Daffy and Henry the Bunyip 2023

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