The Two Henry’s

This story is dedicated to Elena Paige who is the author of lovely children's books such as Evie everyday witch, Lolli and the Bunyip, and many more
Elena Paige Storyteller can be found on Facebook and other social media sites Thank you Elena 🤗
The Two Bunyip's Lionel the frilled neck lizard and Elijah the green tree snake were having a nice holiday in the top end, now they were visiting the great rock Uluru. Lionel loved the rock, and he thought that the different shades of colour were enchanting. While they were there they met some other visitors ,their names were Lolli and Liquorice, they were talking about a new friend that they had made, his name was Henry and he was a friendly Bunyip!!Lionel and Elijah were amazed - two Henry the Bunyip's? Wait till we tell our friend Henry the Bunyip! We must write him a letter and tell him all about our new friends and their friend Henry. The four friends laughed and laughed, it was truly wonderful the thought of two very kind Bunyip's. A week later in the much cooler town of Bunyip, Henry checked his letter box like any other day. he didn’t expect a letter as they were few and far between, but this day there was a letter addressed to Mr Henry the Bunyip ,The Old Bakery, Bunyip. Henry sat down at his little table with his cup of tea and opened the letter, it was from his friends Lionel the frilled neck lizard and Elijah the green tree snake, they had been visiting relations at The Top End of Australia and now they were at the big, beautiful rock Uluru. The letter continued; Guess what Henry? We have news. Henry read on, a second Henry the Bunyip he thought, how exciting, I have only ever known Hannah. Henry pondered this news, he was excited, and couldn’t wait to meet the other Henry, what would he look like? Did he too like cups of tea and sticky buns? Henry looked at the map that Lionel had enclosed in the letter. He could see that Henry the Bunyip was close by, he lived in Melbourne and was staying with his friend Elena. Henry decided to send a message to Elena, so he found her on social media, and sent her a message. He received a reply very quickly, it seemed that Melbourne Henry was also eager to meet the Bunyip from Bunyip. Melbourne Henry would arrive by train to visit the very next day, so Henry the Bunyip was going to be busy, he needed to make some sticky buns, and arrange a few friends, not too many though as he didn’t want to crowd Melbourne Henry. Henry invited his closest friends, Hannah, Mittens, Bella and Gee, to join them for a tea party.
The next day was here, and the second train into the Bunyip Station would arrive at 10 am. Henry heard the bells ringing at the crossing, so he knew that the train was on time, eagerly Henry walked across the road and waited at the top of the path watching the train pull in. Someone who looked special got off and Henry thought that must be Henry the Bunyip from Melbourne! He looked quite different from what Henry imagined but that was okay because Bunyip's come in all shapes and sizes, and he had a friendly face so that was a good start.
Hello, pleased to meet you Henry said Henry as he held out his paw am Henry the Bunyip from Bunyip Hello said Henry from Melbourne, The two Bunyip's looked at each other and laughed in amazement. Come on Henry let’s go meet the others! So Henry the Bunyip introduced Hannah to Henry, she too is a Bunyip so that made three. The two Henrys sat at the table eating sticky buns and enjoying their cups of tea. They told each other stories about their adventures and Henry the Bunyip showed off his blue bicycle, it was his pride and Joy. Bella was keen to show off her ballet steps, She told Henry all about the Butterfly Dance concert that was going to be held next week in the Town Hall. Mittens showed Henry the big ball of red wool that she played with , poor Hannah was trying to knit a new scarf and the wool was in such a mess! Gee wanted to know all about Lolli and her adventures. Melbourne Henry told everyone about the books that Elena has written. everyone listened in awe, they knew that their own book was getting illustrated at the moment and couldn’t wait for children to read it one day too. The afternoon went quickly with many tales and giggles. Melbourne Henry rather liked the country, it certainly was a lot quieter than Melbourne. But it was time for the afternoon train and he needed to get home as Elena was going to a party and Lolli needed company and would love to hear all about the town of Bunyip and Henrys adventure. Henry and Henry were making plans about the next visit, hopefully it would be soon. Henry the Bunyip was most of all happy because he had made a new friend.
That night as Henry lay in his bed thinking about his day and how nice everybody was, he wished that Melbourne Henry could meet all of his 26 friends. Tomorrow he would write a letter to Lionel and Elijah and tell them that, when they are back home again, that they should have a party and invite Henry the Bunyip from Melbourne, Lolli and Liquorice too that sounds like a nice idea, don’t you think?