Henry winter Beach adventure

Henry, Hannah, Angus and Annie went to the beach, Although it was Winter, the beach could be very nice on a winters day When they arrived ,the sea was grey. Far out in the distance they could see a sparkling shimmer,  They wondered what that might be ?Angus and Annie played on in the beach with their new blue frisbee. Hannah was building  a magnificent sandcastle, decorating it with shells and funny spaghetti shaped seaweed that she had found .Henry spotted his friend Tony the turtle He was enjoying the waves,  then he saw  Ollie the penguin , Ollie was on his surfboard Tony the turtle was a happy little chap, his orange hat was sitting  on his head as usual, Tony was feeling very pleased with himself, He and Ollie had just found Vivienne’s pink pearls. They had been missing for a week, Vivienne was worried that she might not see them again, Tony told Henry that he found the pearls when Ollie leant down on his surfboard,  looking through his monocle as  far as he could see into the ocean He spotted some thing shining in amongst the seaweed he told Tony where it was, Tony swan amongst the seaweed where he saw the shiny pearls, When the boys returned the pearls to Vivienne she was so happy , it was a great , Tony said he felt so proud , as we know the ocean is so big , it would of Ben like finding a needle in a haystack.
The group said good bye to the grey sea, and headed off to Fun food town where they met Fred the fish finger and Charlie the chip Fred and Charlie had the food ready, they sat and munched the hot chips, happily chatting about the fun time that they had and about the amazing pink pearl story . Henry had a secret , he was soon going on a new adventure with another friend, Hannah wondered who that might be ?but Henry said it was a surprise and they would find out very soon
Don’t worry Hannah, it’s ok